We Are a Green Dental Office

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Green Dentistry and State of the Art

We are a Green Dental Office and utilize state of the art technology.

CBCT (Cone Beam CT Scan): We use a CT scan which takes the guessing out and helps us to better clinician. With the newest CT scan we can view the bone in every direction. We perform guided surgeries and help with airway diagnosis and progress of treatment.

Soft tissue CO2 laser: We use state of the art CO2 laser to perform blood-less surgical incisions, this is the most conducive equipment for frenectomy and other soft tissue procedures.

Intraoral camera and video tour of your mouth: Unless you see for yourself, it is hard to visualize what is going on in your mouth. We take pictures and video to show you what we see. At Prime Integrative Dentistry we involve you in the diagnosis and treatment planning process.

Low radiation digital x-rays: We use the latest digital sensors which minimize your x-ray radiation exposure to obtain diagnostic images.

Each of these processes are integral for modern Green Dentistry practices.