I honestly can say I feel like a new woman. The tension in my neck and shoulders has eased significantly. I feel like I have control of my posture now. I’m breathing easier, sleeping better and overall feel fantastic.LK

I needed a quick extraction done due to an infected root canal and decided to make the switch to holistic dentistry before the procedure. I was nervous to make my first visit with Dr. Mirkal such a major appointment but she was very gentle and patient, took time explaining the procedure and other options, and never rushed/pressured me to make decisions without first thinking through them or needing to check and see what insurance covered. I’m happy with the outcome and will go back for all future appointments. Her ideas on health and wellness are very similar to mine and she takes care to acknowledge the whole body. So glad she takes insurance when most holistic dentists do not! HC

They really take the time with their patients. I never realized how much our mouths are such a window to our health. The appointment covered so much more than a cleaning, but a wealth of information for preventive care for our teeth and better options for dentistry practices. GS

My husband found Dr. Mirkal after a lengthy search for a holistic dentist. From the moment we walked into this practice, we knew we were in the right place. Dr Mirkal is passionate, caring about long term health of her patients and in only a couple of appointments thus far, we have been thoroughly enlightened and educated on our health. Her office will soon be bursting over with patients as people will give her referrals… this place is an incredible gem and we are really glad to have found it! DS

Dr Mirkel Is one of the best Dentist you can have for your family. She does Awesome Dental work you will not regret being her Patient. MS

I went for an evaluation and hope to come back as Dr. Mirkal was very nice, patient, and informative. She helped me explore all my options in detail that you will not get from your average dentist. HJ

Dr. Mirkal is very personable and made me feel so comfortable. Like most people, I don’t enjoy going to the dentist. Dr. Mirkal was very patient with me and took the time to explain everything thoroughly. She came up with a treatment plan specific to my history and symptoms. I look forward to addressing these items together. KR

Dr. Mirkal was very attentive and compassionate. It’s obvious she cares for her patients and wants the dential experience to be positive and comfortable. I highly recommend her! CS

LOCATED BEHIND TEXAS ROADHOUSE My GPS left me stranded on Long Prairie without instructions for getting into the parking lot, winding around to the back and finding Suite 200. They graciously accommodated me at a later appointment, If you are seeking a biologic dentist who will help you maintain your teeth without a sea of chemicals, then I think you will like Dr. Mirkal! BC

Very happy to have found Dr. Mirkal & her staff. 1st visit for Exam and Treatment Plan. I have Disability . that were are very helpful..I look forward to Dr. Merkal appt. next Friday for 6 extractions .. And Believe I am in Great Hands…She was very patient and explained what she wanted to do and why. I will follow up after next visits . RM

I had to have a front tooth removed, a bone graft and for it to heal for 6 months, then Dr. Mirkal placed a implant, it had to heal for 3 months to have bone grow around it, now I have my abutment and crown. I am soooo happy with the results. She’s an amazing dentist!! HP

Dr Mirkal is a great Dentist!She helped me answer my questions and extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of biological dentistry.Very few dentists practice this way!.Come see her and check out for yourself. AR

Recently relocated and needed a dentist quickly. I saw Dr Mirkal for tooth ache and i was very happy with the outcome. She is kind and takes time to listen to your concerns. She offered all possible treatment options. The extractions was painless and Dr Mirkal called the night to check on me. Best dentist experience ever!! Highly recommend.HM

Dr. Mirkal is competence and compassion. My family and I are satisfy with her care. I would recommend Dr. Mirkal to anyone.TN

After meeting Dr. Mirkal, I have realized that I would not think twice referring my family and friends to her.SB

Truly comprehensive Care like no other! For the first time I see a dentist talk about nutrition, and ways to prevent disease more than ways to fix it! AM

Dr Mirkal released my tongue tie and buccal ties and I felt an instantaneous release of tension in my neck and shoulder! Dr. RH

Dr. Mirkal is an amazing dentist!!!HP