Biological Periodontal Therapy

Biological Periodontal Therapy and hygiene visits

Periodontal therapy refers to treating the gum and supporting tissue and bone structures. A healthy foundation is needed for your ability to keep your teeth throughout your lifetime. Periodontal disease is a sub-clinical disease, often having very little striking symptoms until teeth become loose.

Dr Mirkal emphasizes on the nonsurgical periodontal treatment when applicable which includes pocket debridement with lasers, ozone gas insufflations, localized medicaments, scaling and polishing. Periodontal disease is a systemic disease and need to be worked with a functional doctor to make sure body has adequate tissue building blocks in the form of minerals and nutrients, gut

Phase contrast Microscopy

A handful dentist in the country use a microscope to evaluate periodontal health, Dr. Mirkal is one of them. We use a microscope to look into your oral microflora at every new patient and hygiene check visit.