Ozone Therapy

Ozone / oxygen therapy in dentistry is popular in many parts of the world and now catching up in US. People confuse ozone with smog and wonder if it is safe at all. Ozone is naturally occurring, extremely safe, non-toxic to human cell but will disintegrate cell wall of bacteria viruses, fungi, and parasites as they do not have cell wall protection in them.

Ozone has chemical composition of O3, which is an extra oxygen making it a bioactive and potent oxidant.

Photo of Ozone Therapy appliance.Human cells have antioxidant enzymes like superoxide dismutase and others that prevent the oxidant action on human cells. Hence it is safe to healthy human cells and selectively cytotoxic to bugs.

Due to the extra oxygen molecule it carries an electro-negative charge and all infection carry positive charge hence it is naturally attracted to source of infection. Healthy human cell are electro-neutral.

There are several ways in which ozone exhibits this antimicrobial actions. It stimulates the cytokine system in the cells which helps clear out the infections, it activates the mitochondria which in turn supports the mechanisms involved in clearing inflammation.

There are several ways ozone can be used in dentistry

  • Ozonated water – in the form of a rinse.
  • High concentration ozone gas on the surface of the tooth there by healing the disease parts and also sterilizing it at the same time.
  • Post-surgical to combat bone infection, ostemylities, NICO lesions and sterilizing the sockets.
  • Ozonated olive oils for gum infections.
  • Other ozone therapies.
  • TMJ pain management.
  • Ear insufflations for healthier sinuses and upper airways.

Dr Mirkal and her staff are trained and certified in ozone therapy from top notch doctors like Dr Frank Shallenberger-Founder of Nevada center of alternative and anti-aging medicine and Dr Eric Zemerski founder of ozoneoils.