Meet Dr. Mirkal

Minaxi Mirkal, BDS, DDS, AMD

Dr. Minaxi MirkalDr. Mirkal is a Board Certified Biological Dentist and a mother and values health focused approach towards Dentistry. She was born and raised in Mumbai, India. She graduated with BDS degree from Dental school in India in 2002. Following Graduation, Dr. Mirkal practiced with an Oral surgeon for over 5 years mounting to her proficiency in Surgical Dentistry and Oral cancer screening. After moving to the States in 2007, Dr. Mirkal graduated from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2012 with D.D.S degree. She was actively involved in Student Research Organization at Michigan. She served in public health services and helped the underserved communities of western Massachusetts Hampshire county for over two years, While she worked there she emphasized on prevention program for kids with sealants and create awareness for periodontal diseases in pregnant women, she proactively sent at least a handful suspecting lesions in her patients to the surgeon which later got diagnosed with Oral cancer. Dr Mirkal emphasizes on a thorough comprehensive examination as a first step toward better oral health. She later moved to private practice settings and has a well-rounded experience with patients from different walks of life.

Following the birth of her daughter Dr Mirkal set on a quest for safe, minimalistic options for health issues. This lead her introduction to Holistic/Biological Dentistry. Since then she has undergone rigorous training to become a Board Certified Biological Dentist. She is one of the very few dentists here in DFW who practice safe Biological Dentistry. Dr. Mirkal has spent several hours and traveled extensively getting Continuing Education above and beyond state requirements. She is an active member of several coveted organizations. Dr Mirkal is SMART certified, Protection protocol certified and an environmental friendly dentist. Dr Mirkal is also an Airway Mouth Doctor an intensive post graduate training to learn airway focused dentistry and how epidemic and underdiagnosed airway insufficiency is in present times. In an effort to treat her patients with a whole health perspective, Dr Mirkal is now on her way of becoming a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor.

In her spare time she enjoys cooking, gardening, and spending time with her family. They have been residents of North Dallas since 2014. Dr Mirkal is a member of holistic moms network, Like all moms she is reading labels, getting second opinions for any procedure, and seeking nutrition before medication. Dr. Mirkal feels she has found her life’s calling in the principles and practice of Biological Dentistry so her work is truly her passion.


  • Holistic Dental Association
  • Consumers for Dental Choice
  • International Assn. of Mercury Free Dentists
  • DAMS – Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions
  • International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine Fluoride Free Dentists
  • Holistic Moms Network