Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a referral from another doctor for frenectomy?
    No you do not need a referral from another doctor. If you think your infant needs a frenectomy, we highly recommend you to work with an IBCLC(Lactation consultant) to explore all breastfeeding related challenges. If you found us on a mommy group or online and need a referral to an IBCLC we can help you find one. We do have a referral network for body work, chiropractors, speech language pathologist too. If your child is older than 4 years we recommend myofunctional therapy and body work in conjunction with frenectomy. Please call our office if you have any questions.
  • How young is too young to have my baby evaluated for a lip or tongue tie?
    It is never too young to have your baby evaluated, we examine newborns all the time sometimes babies are only a day old. It is best to have your baby revised if it is indicated at a younger age rather than waiting since your baby can form habits and compensations which may require your baby to have additional therapy. In some cases, additional therapy is needed to fully rehabilitate the oral-facial structures regardless of the age.
  • Do you do tongue tie and lip tie revisions for older babies and kids?
    After the age of one year, it becomes challenging to restrict the child while performing the revision procedure without sedation. Children between eighteen months – three year may need general anesthesia to have this procedure done. We would like to recommend to wait till four year where this procedure could be provided under local anesthesia. There may be a case-by-case exception to this rule.
  • What exercises do I need to follow?
    We recommend exercising the surgical spot to prevent scarring. We will provide you with a set of stretching functional movement exercises to be performed every 3-4 hours. It has been our experience that the healing has a superior outcome if exercises are done following the 3-4 hour schedule.
  • Is the frenectomy covered by medical insurance?
    We can provide you a detailed superbill entailing the codes procedure and diagnosis which you can submit to your medical insurance insurance for reimbursement.
  • Does my baby need to be active on dental insurance for the procedure to be covered?
    Yes. An insurance plan will usually not consider a claim for reimbursement if your baby is not active on the plan on the date of service.
  • Do you offer fluoride?
    No we do not provide fluoride treatments in our office. We offer some remineralizing paste and tonics and emphasize on salivary pH and diet to control cavities. We also recommend coconut oil pulling as early as 4 years as long as your child can hold a small amount in their mouth and swish it around in the mouth and spit it out.
  • Do you recommend material testing for all?
    Ideally we recommend material testing for all clients especially for immunocompromised patients. This test enables us to know if you are sensitive to any material. We use clifford’s lab for the testing. We use the most commonly biocompatible materials if you choose to not get it done. The cost of the test is $300.
  • What do you offer for mercury level testing?
    We offer the Tri-test offered by quick silver scientific. It presents with methylmercury, and inorganic mercury levels from you hair, urine and blood sample. Once you submit your test you can bring the results and discuss with Dr Mirkal. You can also work with a functional/alternative doctor who can provide these testing for you.
  • What type of orthodontics do you practice?
    We perform Functional Jaw Orthopedics (FJO), also known as Orthopedic Orthodontics, whose focus is providing the best possible structural foundation for the teeth and jaws while reducing / eliminating the need for extractions. Form precedes function. This is a progressive form of treatment that uses both fixed and removable appliances to straighten teeth and jaws, allowing us to get good results while addressing a wide range of cases. FJO treatment works with natural jaw / mouth growth and development to help patients obtain their optimal oral and physical health, resulting in beautiful broad smiles. Growing the jaws in optimal manner is the first step in doing so then comes aligning the teeth.
  • At what age do we start orthodontic treatment in children?
    A Functional Jaw examination can take place as early as two years old, when all the baby teeth have erupted and the upper and lower jaws function together. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic consultation by age seven. Because Functional Jaw Orthopedics emphasizes early treatment to prevent and correct jaw alignments, appliances could be prescribed as early as age 2, 3 or 4. Just as with modern early orthopedic correction of crooked feet, early jaw orthopedics is better than delaying while crooked growth occurs. We strongly recommend that shortly after birth every baby be seen for cranio-sacral therapy. The birth process is very traumatic and many issues that develop later in life can be helped / corrected by some simple therapies when they are still babies.
  • Is the DNA appliance covered by my medical insurance?
    We would bill your medical/dental insurance as an out of network provider and try our best to help you get reimbursed on it by providing all necessary paperwork. As all insurances plans are different we cannot guarantee what the coverage would be like. You are always welcome to call your insurance and understand your coverage