Green Dentistry

At Prime Integrative Dentistry we practice green dentistry and have an amalgam separator in the effort to avoid mercury pollution into the environment. This device takes all the wastewater coming from our office and separates out the mercury amalgam scraps before it goes into sewer lines.

Later on, the filter is properly disposed with environmental services and a bio hazardous waste.

  • We use Digital Radiography, which uses 80% less radiation and requires absolutely no toxic chemicals to process the film. Thus, we have much less hazardous waste to dispose of.
  • We are limiting the amount of waste that we produce by using reusable air tips, recyclable surface barriers, and patient bibs.
  • We limit paper consumption by providing online forms and sending information over emails.
  • Our treatment rooms are sterilized between each patient with the only OSHA approved disinfectant that is non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Our office is equipped with the latest dry vacuum system, minimizing water and electricity usage.
  • Our office has air filters and ionizers that are purifying the air that we work in and creating a more pleasant environment for our patients and our world.
  • We have non-VOC paint throughout the office.
  • Our cleaning service uses non-toxic cleaning supplies that we provide for them and we stock our office with recycled and recyclable products when available.
  • We advocate and give bamboo toothbrushes at least for sake of traveling to reduce plastic burden.