Guided Osteopathic Frenectomies

Dr. Mirkal, along with Dr. Barker (Doctor of Osteopathy), can perform Guided Releases (frenectomies) at our office.

Dr. Barker screens patients for needed body work and he provides insight on which group of muscles exhibit tension. Dr. Mirkal correlates those group of muscles exhibiting tension to fascia attachments in the mouth. With the help of a CO2 laser, Dr. Mirkal release those adhesions.

The results are pretty profound and instantaneous.

Dr Mirkal along with Dr Barker performing Guided Osteopathic Frenectomy
Guided Osteopathic Frenectomy result front
Guided Osteopathic Frenectomy result side
Guided Osteopathic Frenectomy result back

I honestly can say I feel like a new woman. The tension in my neck and shoulders has eased significantly. I feel like I have control of my posture now. I’m breathing easier, sleeping better and overall feel fantastic.LK