General Dentistry

We are truly a family general practice with a holistic approach as we see one day old infants to oldest members of the society.

New patient Comprehensive Exam

The first visit is the foundation for allowing us to be your new dental home. We promise to listen and understand your concerns and expectations and provide our insights to your concerns.

Our greatest success in dentistry is when a patient comes in and has the most thorough examination they have ever had and viewed the video tour of their mouth. They are then educated as to the situation at hand and a treatment plan is formulated. Once any treatment is completed, the patient with their improved knowledge base understands the health benefits of their food choices and the benefits of routine maintenance.

We do digital x-rays and CT scans of the jaws, collect diagnostic pictures and records; answer your questions along with your health history evaluation. It is at least a hour long appointment.

  • Digital x-rays.
  • CT scan of the jaws.
  • Intraoral pictures and video tour of your mouth
  • Microscopic plaque evaluation- Help to evaluate gum health.
  • OPM reading- Help to detect underlying cavities and micro voltage on metal restorations.
  • Charting and clinical evaluation and intraoral pictures.
  • Oral cancer screening.
  • Oral pH testing.
  • Material Sensitivity testing*
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning.

Composite Filling and Ceramic Restorations:

We use BPA free composite restorative material manufactured by VOCCO. We may also recommend ceramic partial or full crown depending on the need as a restorative option. We have had a lot of success with these materials. We encourage you to get material testing done to ensure you are compatible to materials being used. You can collect the testing kit and pay the lab once you order your tests. We will explore all restorative options with you from least invasive to most and go over advantages and disadvantages of each, so you could make an informed choice. We offer metal free zirconia and ceramic crowns and implants. We also offer partials and dentures as prosthetic options.

Material Testing*

We use Clifford’s testing for material sensitivity screening. This can be performed well in advance of the restorative visit to determine which dental materials are safest or least offensive to the patient’s immune system. PURPOSE: Screening procedure to determine existing reaction with components of dental and orthopedic restoratives, irrespective of initiating source; facilitate selection of least offensive restorative products for individual patients.


After having worked with the Clifford’s lab we tend to know what are the most common materials that cause sensitivity and do not use those.

Emergency Visits:

Life happens and you may need to visit dentist to address your dental concerns ASAP. What counts for emergency dental visits are:

  • Mild to Severe pain, swelling in your teeth, gums, face, neck, Difficulty swallowing
  • Sustained injury due to accidents to your mouth, chipped or knocked out teeth.
  • Old crown or filling fell off
  • Abscessed Tooth

Please call our office to make an appointment 972- 885-9191. We always try to accommodate emergency patient visits.