Prime-YOU Dental Membership Plan

We care about Holistic health and biological dentistry that is what drives us every day. While we are aware of how insurance plans may be hard to afford much needed healthcare. Plans are changing and getting more confusing. Co-pays and premiums are getting higher each year. Rather than watch another patient get substandard care that does not focus on the needs of the patients but on the reimbursements by insurance companies. We have decided to do something about it. We worked on creating solutions and are happy to come up with our very own Prime-You plan that has YOU and your health as the only interest.

  • No yearly maximums
  • No deductibles
  • No Insurance claim forms
  • No pre-authorization requirements.
  • No pre-existing condition limitations.
  • Immediate eligibility.

Prime-You is a membership plan and not a dental health insurance plan. It can only be used at Prime Integrative Dentistry.

It cannot be used:

  • In conjunction with another dental plan or insurance.
  • For Hospitalization or hospital charges or any kind.
  • For services related to injuries involving workmen’s compensation or Automobile coverage.
  • In conjunction with care credit or proceed; 3rd part financing.
  • For fees incurred from no show/late cancel.

Payment is due at the time of service by cash check or credit card.

Annual fee is due in full on the first day of the month your plan starts. You will not receive a card. Your membership ‘s effective date will be on file with our office. NO REFUNDS. Full fees collected at the first visit.

Family plan includes dependents enrolled in full time college until the age of 18 years.

  • Individual Plan: $300/year (1 adult)


  • Two routine exams, one emergency exam and radiographs are 100% covered.
  • Additional routine cleanings receive a 20% courtesy adjustment to our UCR fees.
  • Periodontal Program – Periodontal therapy receives a 20% courtesy adjustment to our UCR fees.
  • Restorative Dentistry – Receive 20% courtesy adjustment to our UCR fees.
  • Oral surgery and prosthodontic services – Receive 20% courtesy adjustment to our UCR fees.
  • Major dental procedures will get a 20% courtesy adjustment to our UCR fees.Some dental codes are exempt from this plan.Please review your treatment plan with a treatment coordinator.
  • Some services like Adult Oral Epigenetic Orthodontic Appliances (DNA, mRNA and others) are exempt from courtesy adjustment to our UCR fees. This plan does not include Adult Appliances due to the lab fees involved. Please review your treatment plan for accurate plan coverage.