Mommies Guide to Infant Frenectomy

Happy and healthy infant girl

Why are we seeing so many infants with tongue tie?

Dr Ben Lynch writes in his book – Dirty Genes, the role of folic acid is everything fortified in our diets – from cereals, bread, pastas etc including prenatal mommy supplements. The role of folate in various biochemical enzymatic processes are affected when we replace it with the synthetic folic acid as it is missing the functional methyl group. This is just the gist of when he talks about the MTHFR predisposition seen rampantly in current times.

One of the role folate plays is in the apoptosis (cellular regulatory process of cell death and in turn helps in cell sheet separations). Due to incomplete apoptosis in absence of functional folate the cell sheets do not completely separate causing tethered tissues.

Form Follows Function:

Tethered issues
Normal - Plagiocephaly - Brachycephaly - Scaphocephaly top view examples
Normal - Plagiocephaly - Brachycephaly - Scaphocephaly side view examples
Normal - Plagiocephaly - Brachycephaly - Scaphocephaly front examples
Asymmetry is most commonly associated with problem feeding, finger feeder babies.

  • Asymmetry is most commonly associated with problem feeding & finger feeder babies.
  • Flat positioning affects structure of the skull.
  • Asymmetry of the tongue is also noted.

Successful Breastfeeding

Successful breastfeeding involves: suck, swallow, and breathe which is a complex coordination of 60 muscles, 22 cranial bones, 34 articulations, and 6 of the 12 cranial nerves. When structural form is asymmetric it cannot accommodate proper function.

Dr Mirkal’s Recommendations:

  • Body work before and after consult / surgery.
  • Stretches every 4-6 hours following surgery.
  • Work with a lactation consultant well versed with tongue-tie diagnosis and helping with problem feeding.