Parasites Under Electron Microscope

Parasites - illustration

Watch this parasite taken from a seemingly healthy looking mouth with little to no plaque and some bleeding gums. Taking a plaque sample and viewing under electron microscope helps to see the health of your gum. Gum Health = Systemic Health.

Where do parasite infections come from:
Significant others, restaurants, cooks, dishes, salad bars, buffets, shared food, lipgloss, cigarettes, toothpaste, shared telephones, keyboards, crowded public places, recirculated air in planes, sealed buildings, poorly maintained heating and ventilation systems, pets that go outside and anywhere that a cold virus can come from.

Systemic symptoms of parasitic infections:
Diarrhea, constipation, IBS, indigestion, irritability and nervousness, skin problems,night sweats, difficulty sleeping, anemia, muscle cramps, brain fog, sugar cravings,, post nasal drip, teeth grinding, decreased appetite, rectal itching, pain in naval areas and prostrate problems.