What is Integrative Dentistry?

“It’s all connected” – All that has life in nature exhibits this quality. Be it the tree with a vast trunk, well spread branches and leaves above and robust root system below, Does the top feed the bottom or the bottom feeds the top? In reality, everything must coexist for harmony to ensue. It is this encompassing nature of all things living that constitutes life.

We try to incorporate the same philosophy with integrative dentistry.

Teeth, gums and oral tissues are an integral part of the body. Every material used, and procedure done will have either a systemic healing or stressor response. Oral cavity is the where the gut health begins. It is the start of digestive system, Healthy foods chewed by your healthy teeth. The mouth does not exist in isolation and oral health is imperative to systemic well-being.

Integrative Dentistry combines alternative, holistic treatments with conventional procedures. Integrative dentists use modern technology such as ozone therapy, laser therapy, microscopes, homeopathy, minimally invasive dentistry, and low dose digital X-rays. They are part of the 1% of dentists in the United States that are mercury safe, meaning they do not utilize amalgam fillings which are up to 50% mercury and have advanced training in the safe removal and disposal of amalgam. We are mercury free, mercury safe and fluoride free.

Prime Integrative Dentistry strives to provide quality dentistry while defining new standards of care. We provide comprehensive dental care to all patients through a very thorough examination and a video tour of your mouth. This is followed by a detailed oral diagnosis and treatment options for you to choose from. The patient decides on his or her own treatment. This is the beginning of each patient taking ownership and responsibility for their oral health.

Our greatest success in dentistry is when a patient comes in and has the most thorough examination they have ever had and viewed the video tour of their mouth. They are then educated as to the situation at hand and a treatment plan is formulated. Once any treatment is completed, the patient with their improved knowledge base understands the health benefits of their food choices and the benefits of routine maintenance.

We welcome you to a warm spa like ambience and want you to splurge while you visit us. We are a fragrance free office. We diffuse calming Essential oils. We offer Organic chai, coffee and cold pressed green juice beverage choices. You can watch a movie or a health documentary on FMTV.